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California Car Insurance Requirements

We all love our cars, and we are willing to do whatever we can to assure that we’re getting our value out of them. One of the things that we can’t go without is auto insurance, and unfortunately, there are more than enough people who are struggling in other areas. Car insurance is required by law in the state of California, and this creates a problem for some, although just about everyone sees the need for it. We want to be covered in the event that something happens to our vehicles and the people who are also driving on the roads. But even still, some people may just want the minimum, and with that being the case, California car insurance requirements are very important to a whole host of people.

Fortunately enough, the insurance requirements in this state are actually pretty manageable, and while the premiums are a bit higher here than in a lot of states in the country, the minimum amount required isn’t all that bad. For a person to legally operate a vehicle in the state of California, they need to possess $15,000 in bodily injury for a single person involved in an accident, $30,000 in insurance coverage for multiple people involved in an accident. For property damage, a person needs to possess $5,000 in insurance coverage. In and of itself, this generally isn’t too bad, especially considering that a lot of states are pretty fervent about the amount of insurance coverage that their residents should have.

People generally looking for California car insurance requirements are generally interested in insurance companies that carry the minimum. The truth is – all of them do. But, some of them one shouldn’t be used, as there are some companies that generally do well with your business. This is the case for even some of the top-rated companies in the industry. Depending the discounts that a person would need, there’s a chance that progressive may be better than GEICO, or it could be the other way around. In fact, there’s even the chance that some of the smaller companies, such as Mercury or Infinity that may be a better choice for those looking for cheaper auto insurance plans.

Of course, it should be said that people should always look for more insurance. Satisfying the minimum CA requirements is good if you’re looking to stay on the road legally and avoid all of the fines and penalties, but they assuredly may not do too well for the person that’s involved in an accident. This debilitating time could be even more so with inadequate insurance. Imagine the person in a Honda hitting the person in a new BMW? The at-fault driver, in the Honda, will have to come out of their pockets for the rest of the money. This can be even worse if the at-fault driver has a lot of damage to this vehicle – God forbid they have to go to the hospital. While this definitely doesn’t happen to everyone, it is something to think about.

While California car insurance requirements aren’t much higher than the national average, it’s good to have all of the insurance that you can. If you’re looking for some of the best rates – use our free quote tool!