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List of California Auto Insurance Companies

We all need to make sure that we’re getting the best that we can to make sure that we’re doing well by our auto insurance companies. Fortunately enough, there are plenty of fantastic California auto insurance companies out there, all willing to offer you some pretty good measures. More than enough people have found something impressive in the companies that they have chosen, but there are a couple of them that really take the cake, accounting for most of the drivers in the state, with some of them being national powers, while others just being those that operate well within the state. And even though some of the smaller companies don’t have the brand recognition, they’re still very good. Here represents the top 10 list of companies in the state.

The top 5 are: 21st Century Insurance Group, Allstate, Coast National, Farmers, and GEICO. These companies have exhibited a couple of fantastic things, for instance, 21st Century has been known for their financial strength. The top five of the bunch have all been placed there by Best because of their financial strength – with the exception of Coast National. While they are a small company, they’ve been rated highly because of their low rates, although this doesn’t mean that some of the other companies have sufficiently higher ones, but a lot of people have found this one to be impressive because they’re affordable and their customer service is sufficient.

Rounding out the top 5 are: Infinity, Mercury, Progressive, State Farm and United Service. All of these companies also have some pretty fair rates with some good financial backing. While this doesn’t mean that they are in any way deficient to some of the other ones, s this wasn’t particularly a numbered list, they are companies that also have some sort of drawbacks. For instance, people have reported some kind of problems getting in touch with the claims department at Infinity. This may not particularly mean that they don’t respond to claims, as they’d have to pay them out, but something to think about. Even with that being the case, Infinity is a company known to give some of the best rates in the state.

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