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About Us and Proposition 17

We are a company that has helped a lot of people out when it comes to finding some of the most comprehensive auto insurance policies out there. By using our free quote tool, just about everyone will find that they could be saving a lot of money on their car insurance policies. This is something that means a lot to us, so we only make sure that every person has a car insurance policy that they can easily afford, and even if it’s cheap – it’s still thorough. And in addition to our car insurance methods, we’re also a resource of the California Proposition 17, something that could have been largely beneficial to a lot of people driving on the roads.

In a nutshell, Proposition 17 allowed for companies to propose benefits to drivers who have exhibited some great behavior on the road. All companies did this, but they didn’t have the chance to attract other customers with some potentially great policies, instead only being able to offer such to policyholders that they’ve already had policies. Prop 17 would have made the insurance landscape more competitive, as people would have had offers from insurance companies that could save them some money, or even offer more coverage for the same amount they may be paying.

The withstanding proposition doesn’t allow such enticements, only potential breaks to people who already have policies with their company, and a person can see where that can be a little troubling for some. Such is a bit of a shame, as it would have allowed for cheaper policies for drivers who have exhibited some experience on the roads. While there may have been drawbacks cited by adversaries of the proposition, those specifically saying that it will increase the premiums of those people who aren’t as proficient, there wasn’t any concrete evidence that stated such. In either case, the proposition as of now is dormant.

Note: We are not affiliated with any special interest group and are only providing information on California auto insurance for entertainment purposes. And even though we may not be affiliated with either group, we have been proven to be a fine choice for aggregating the most affordable auto insurance quotes. Our free quote tool is very easy to use, and we implore you to see if you could save any money!